If you have never experienced India before, and want to do it in a short space of time, a Golden Triangle tour by car would be perfect. The Golden Triangle is probably India’s most famous tourist circuit, and primarily involves the North Indian cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. While conventional Golden Triangle tours would take you through the very best on offer in the three cities, they probably would disappoint you if you are curious to explore the unknown.

That’s where the prime advantage of a Golden Triangle tour by car lies; you can stop the car wherever you want, and there’s greater freedom to explore and learn about not just the iconic cities, but their people as well. If you are also looking forward to visiting Golden Triangle by car, you may checkout the tour plan on the link http://www.waytoindia.com/golden-triangle-tour-by-car .

Here’s some of the most offbeat things you can do on your tour of the Golden Triangle!

Shopping at the Flea Markets in Delhi

Most Indian urban hubs like Delhi have evolved from old-world flea markets to posh malls and supermarkets. While the latter certainly looks easier on the eye, they command sky-high prices too, and the worst part is; you can’t bargain. However, Delhi itself has managed to keep the flea markets alive and well. You can shop for garments, kitchenware, spices, toys, and a host of other useful commodities, which are all available at dirt-cheap prices i.e. if you know how to bargain well. Popular areas for once-a-week flea markets are Govindpuri, Karol Bagh, Masjid Moth, and Vijay Nagar.

Enjoy the Sufi Music Touching Your Soul

The Hazrat Nizam-ud-din Dargah is the tomb of Nizam-ud-din Auliya, a Muslim Sufi Saint, and is a pilgrimage centre for followers of the Sufi faith. The Sufis are famed the world over for their soulful ideologies, which are expressed beautifully through their devotional songs, known as qawwali. Head over to the Dargah on any evening, and you are promised an intimate experience that is bound to leave your soul enriched. Avoid Thursday evenings, as it can get quite crowded. You could also pay visits to nearby tombs of Amir Khusru, an Urdu poet, and Jahanara, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s daughter.


Bird-watching at the Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Birds are beautiful beings, and to observe them makes for a delightful experience for any bird-watcher. You would think that Delhi’s urban development would take a toll on its natural treasures, but Okhla Bird Sanctuary in nearby Noida has made sure that doesn’t happen. The sanctuary is home to over 300 bird species. Head over to the sanctuary in the winter months, and you can catch a glimpse of more than 1 lakh migratory birds. Home to endangered and vulnerable bird species like Indian vulture, white-rumped vulture, Baikal teal, Finn’s weaver and Indian skimmer, the Okhla Bird Sanctuary is truly a bird-watcher’s paradise.

Visit Kinari Bazaar for an Offbeat Agra Experience

Most of Agra’s international popularity is due to the presence of iconic landmarks like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and the nearby city of Fatehpur Sikri. However, if you think that’s all there is to Agra, you are majorly mistaken. Kinari Bazaar is located behind Jama Masjid, and provides a fresh perspective of Agra to visitors. The busy, bustling narrow lanes of the Bazaar may come across as chaotic at first, but it’s the best place to experience the locals and interact with them. If you are in the mood for some shopping, take your pick from a wide collection of clothing, fabrics, jewellery, marble work, shoes, and spices. There are plenty of snack stalls as well, in case you feel hungry.

Visit the Village of Kuchaman in Rajasthan

Jaipur has some of Rajasthan’s most cherished tourist spots. However, it stays absurdly crowded throughout the year, and is not really for tourists who seek offbeat experiences. Kuchaman, a Rajasthani village, is situated approximately 120 km. from Jaipur and is a great alternative to the chaos and commercialization of Jaipur. Kuchaman’s most famous landmark? The Kuchaman Fort! Situated atop a cliff, the fort overlooks the village, and is revered for its architectural genius, which features splendid works of glass, gold and semi-precious stones. The Sheesh Mahal or glass palace inside the fort premises is a stunning piece of work as well. If you have the money, you can stay in the fort as well, as it has been transformed into a heritage hotel. If you plan to shop for local articles and souvenirs, try the bazaar below the fort.

If you are up for a tour of Kuchaman in the winter months, be sure to travel to the town of Pushkar. The 90 km. journey would not disappoint you, as Pushkar hosts the famous Pushkar Camel Fair. This 5 day affair attracts travellers from all parts of the globe, and makes for an unforgettable experience.

So go ahead, make your Golden Triangle tour by car an offbeat experience and see the best of India in different light!