According to the survey, almost 20 % of the organizations are using psychometric assessment test in the hiring process.  As per the survey conducted by the Human Resource Management every year, 10 % to 15 % organizations are choosing psychometric assessment as the major part of the selection process. Though, better selection of the question and pattern can increase the better selection of the employee. Since so many organizations suffered the cost of the bad hiring. Now organizations need to focus toward the process, which can lead them to better selection of the employee.

Unfortunately so many organizations use psychometric assessments in wrong way. The organization can focus on the pattern and process of the psychometric test.  This can promote the less potential risks and increase the productivity of the organization. Here are some points which organization needs to understand before managing a psychometric test for the hiring process.

  • Know the law: Hiring managers need to understand the law while adding psychometric tests in the re-employment system. As assessment tools like cognitive skills tolls should be job relevant and they should not break the law related to the anti-discrimination and disability acts. One recent example of an organization changed the selection process platform. As their test part was violating the racial discrimination act. The Even hiring manager needs to make sure that not only asks any specific candidate to give the psychometric test to judge their skills, as psychometric test should be designed for the entire candidate not for some specified candidates.
  • Know the business needs: Each and every organization has different needs and expectations from the employees. Better to examine the organization needs first than only hiring manager can efficiently create the assessment test. Thought major focus is always on the increased productivity of the organization, which can be achieved only when they select the candidates who have all the abilities to complete the organization requirement.
  • Reduce the risk of cheating: In order to safeguard the process of the selection better to monitor the candidate via video conferencing or cameras. Make sure some time candidate even tries to temper the test result. Candidate’s reference list can be check and evaluate to know whether candidates mentioned the valid things or not. Using multiple psychometric test organization can make a sure selection of the right candidate.
  • Share test result with the candidates: Most of the psychometric assessment allows candidates to see the result at the end of the test. The candidates are requested to sign the declaration before checking the result. Organizations should make sure candidates are following the process. This can ethically benefit the candidate and organization. This should be the compulsory process regardless of the selection of the candidate.

Large organization’s constantly looking forward to implementing the psychometric test in the selection process. The test should be made as per the emerging needs of the organization and should utilize the resources for the better understanding of the candidate behaviours and abilities. When hiring manager use right method for candidate selection it can raise the probability of right selection.